Commercial Painting

With our experience in the commercial coating sector, all specifications are project-specific and are based on required life expectancy taking into consideration any budget constraints that there might be.

Specifications are drafted with the assistance of various manufactures and are tailor-made according to clients’ needs and expectations.


Guarantees are not bound to a single product, but will be issued in accordance with a coating system and remedial procedure prescribed by the suppliers. Specifications are also based on the Macro and Micro Climate the system will be exposed to.

All guarantees are “Fit for Purpose”, with a workmanship and materials guarantee being issued by Redecon and the respective supplier.

Guarantees range from 5 to 12 years and are dependent on the client’s requirements as well as the various conditions which need to be considered in achieving a certain life expectancy.

All discipline’s in the system will be inspected by the suppliers to ensure correct method statement were followed in order for our guarantees to be issued.