Redecon refurbishes non-metal roofs such as asbestos, concrete, tiles and fibre cement as well as metal sheeting roofs such as galvanised and chromadek roofs.


From shopping centres, warehouses, hotels and security complexes to office parks, sports stadiums and parking areas Redec will identify the best roofing solution for you.


Incorrect design and lack of maintenance are the main causes of roof deterioration.

Corrosion may also take place due to atmospheric conditions in industrial and coastal environments.

In most cases remedial work is needed before painting the roof. Redec, we will repair, prepare and paint to restore your roof to its original condition.


A roof that is constructed or repaired correctly, will not leak!

Roof repairs include replacing corroded roof sheets and flashings as well as loose or missing roof screws.

Attention is given to correct, obvious, incorrect designs flaws; surface preparation and painting is done according to the specifications of the appointed paint supplier.

Known and acknowledged as the leading roof refurbishment and painting contractor in South Africa, Redec, have successfully completed roof projects covering an area of well over a million square meters.

New technology from Plascon Roofs, allows us to offer paint that reduces the surface temperature on the roof by up to 10°C and the interior temperature by up to 8°C.