Commercial Water Proofing

The primary reason for waterproofing is to protect your assets from moisture ingress and leaks that can result in damages to property and household contents.

We offer various waterproofing systems that will assist in repairing common waterproofing problems that are found in the commercial /private sector.

Our service and product offering are as follow;

·      Polyurethane Waterproofing System (10 Years Maintenance free) – suited for all types of roofs and substrates.

·      Heat Fused / Torch-On-Bitumin System (10 Year Guarantee with a 3 year Maintenance Cycle Required) – Suited for Flat Concrete Roofs

·      Silicone Injection Systems (5 years) – Rising Damp

·      Tanking (10 Years) – For Retaining Walls and Back Filled Areas